Citi Reward Card

Basic point accumulation with no cap and up to 20% special point accumulation. Check out the difference.

Citi Point Basic Accumulation

Basic accumulation rate according to previous month spending

Previous month
spending (KRW)
300M ↓ 300M ~ 700M 700M ~ 1MM 1MM ~ 2MM 2MM ↑
Basic point
accumulation rate
0% 0.5% 0.75% 1.25% 1.5%

  • Citi Points are accumulated on retail and EPP transactions. (No points earned on free EPP transaction, discounted amount, gift certificate/card purchase, short-term card loan(cash advance), long-term card loan(card loan), annual fee, local tax payment, point redemption, employment/occupational health and safety insurance, allotment for mandatory employment of the disabled, gas bill, overseas usage fee etc. )
  • Previous month spending includes domestic retail/EPP and overseas retail transactions (*acquiring basis) made during the previous month billing period; Basic and special point accumulation rates may vary according to previous month spending amount.
  • ’Acquiring’ refers to a card issuer registering card sales ticket from a merchant; Previous month spending amount is calculated according to the time/date of acquiring.
  • Recurring mobile bill payment and gas/transportation spending on which special points are accumulated, gift card/certificate purchase(load), short-term card loan(cash advance), long-term card loan(card loan), local tax payment, point redemption, employment/occupational health and safety insurance and other fees such as overseas usage fee etc. are not included in the previous month spending calculation.
  • Point accumulation rate applied to pharmaceutical businesses(≠pharmacies) : Basic points earned up to 1% only.
  • For the first month of card acquisition, basic accumulation rate and special accumulation cap offered to customers spending over 700M KRW will be applied to all customers regardless of spending amount.

Special accumulation

엔터테이먼트 20%

Outback Steakhouse/ T.G.I.F/ Seven Springs/ Papa Jones/ Mister Donut/ Bulgogi Brothers/ Beans & Berries/ CGV/ Lotte Cinema/ 63 Square/ Seorak Waterpia/ Kyungju Spring Dom

  • May not apply to stores located inside department stores and large shopping malls (Outback/ Mister Donut etc.)
  • Beans & Berries (Seorak branch, Beans & Berries Next excluded)
  • May not apply to gift vouchers(meal/drink vouchers, ticket money etc) and spending at movie theater snack corners
  • Online ticket reservations: Points accumulated when reserved via CGV and Lotte Cinema homepages

휴대폰 7%


  • Applied to 1 bill per month(First billing statement) only; Basic points accumulated for the remaining bills
  • No special point accumulated for fees other than the billing amount and the recurring amount (Contracted amount payment by proxy, monthly payment via branch etc.)
  • Phone bills’ refer to mobile phone bills and recurring payments (Bill for hybrid product not included)
  • KT phones on resale are not subject to point accumulation

교통 주유 5%

Bus/ Subway/ GS Caltex/ S-Oil/ Hyundai Oilbank / SK Gas station

  • Applied to Citibank-registered merchants only
  • Special point accumulation on bus/subway spending only applies to transactions made with a post-paid card
  • Gas stations include LPG stations

쇼핑 5%

Hyundai/ Shinsegae/ Galleria/ AK Plaza/ Daegu dept stores/ Emart/ Home Plus/ CJ O’Shopping/ Hyundai Hmall / CU /Interpark/ 11th Street/ Shinsewgae Mall/ Galleria Mall

  • Special points accumulated during bargain sale and on groceries (May not apply to gift vouchers and certain leased stores)
  • Not applied to internet channels of dept stores, AK Plaza, Emart, Home Plus etc. and non-shopping categories(Culture Centers)

학원/병원 4%

Private Institutes/ Kindergarten

  • Citibank-registered merchants only

Monthly cap for special accumulation

Previous month Spending (KRW) 300M↓ 300M ~ 700M 700M ~ 2MM 2MM ↑
Points N/A 10M pts 20M pts 30M pts
  • Special points accumulated for domestic retail, EPP and overseas retail spending over 300M KRW in the previous month during the billing period.
  • 10M special points accumulated for each category within the monthly spending point accumulation cap(by spending band); Monthly cap for special accumulation is 30M points. (5 categories: Entertainment, Mobile phone bill, Transportation/Gas, Shopping, Education )

Information on Citi point accumulation

  • For each category, there is a cap of 10M special points/month; Monthly special accumulation cap may vary depending on the previous month spending.
  • Categories are segmented based on Citibank merchant registration criteria.
  • For transactions made within the billing period but whose sales tickets are not acquired by the last day of the billing period and thus not reflected by the time the billing statement is generated on the following day, relevant points will not be accumulated and spending amounts will not be included in the monthly spending calculation, but transferred to the following billing period.

Various & Easy Citi Point Redemption


  • CGV
  • Lotte Cinema
  • Seorak Waterpia
  • Kyongju Spring
    Dom 40%
  • 63 Citi


  • Beans&Berries
  • Outback
  • T.G.I.F
  • MisterDonut
  • BulgogiBrothers
  • Todai
  • PapaJohns
  • If points are insufficient, existing points are deducted first, then the remaining balance will be billed.
  • Not redeemable for purchasing dining gift vouchers
  • Not redeemable at stores located inside dept stores, hypermarkets


  • GS Caltex
  • S-Oil
  • HyundaiOilbank
  • LIG Insurance
  • Hyundai Hicar
    Direct 100%
  • Hana Tour
  • Red Cap Tour
  • SK Gas Station

Redeemable when linked to Hana Tour and Red Cap Tour via Citibank homepage or reserved via Citi Card Hot Line

  • Hana Tour: 02-725-8540~1 / http://citibank.hanatour.com
  • Red Cap Tour: 02-2001-4672 / http://citicard.redcaptour.com


  • Interpark
  • 11th Street
  • Family Mart
  • Galleria Mall
  • CJ O’Shopping
  • Hyundai Home
    shopping 10%
  • Shinsegae Mall
  • Shilla DFS
  • Donghwa DFS
  • Walkerhill DFS


  • Kyobo Bookstore
  • Bandi & Lunis
  • Yes24.com
  • Lina Korea


Gift voucher exchange

  • Dept. store
    (Shinsegae/ Hyundai/ Galleria/ AK Plaza/ Daegu)
  • Hypermarket
    (Emart/ Home Plus)

-Partial payment(Retail+EPP) not allowed when exchanging points for dept store/hypermarket gift vouchers (100% point redemption only)

-Available at gift voucher vending machines located at Shinsegae / Emart stores

-Available at department store/ Home Plus customer desks

-Minimum gift voucher amount: 5M KRW: Home Plus, Galleria, Daegu, Shinsegae, Emart, AK Plaza / 10M KRW: Hyundai

  • Ask sales clerk for Citi point redemption upon payment.
  • For point redemption via online shopping, click the ‘Citi Point’ button from the payment pop-up window.
  • Citi point redemption cannot be combines with other discount offers through mobile membership cards, coupons etc.; Merchant billing discount may not apply to transactions made with Citi point redemption.
  • The list of merchants is subject to change.
  • Not redeemable at Seorak Waterpia and Kyongju Spring Dom if points are insufficient.

Due amount deduction

  • Deduct due amount using Citi points(including annual fee).
  • Minimum points required for due amount deduction are 10M points.

Conversion to airline mileage

  • Convert Citi points to KAL, Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific Airways, Thai Airways, Delta Airlines mileage
  • Citi point - Mileage conversation ratio
KAL Singapore Airlines Cathay Pacific Airways Delta Airlines Thai Airways
20 Citi pts = 1 mile 20 Citi pts = 1 mile

Citi Point Mall

  • Various items that can best suit customer’s life style such as dept store gift certificates, culture gift vouchers, electronic appliances, beauty products, household goods etc. available at Citi Point Mall.

Citi point donation

  • Citi points may be donated to charity (E.g. Habitat)

Information on Citi Rewards Card Services

  • Credit Card abuse poses a threat to household economy
  • Delinquent interest rate ranges from lowest 14.1% ~ highest 27.9% per annum (Per customer, applies to different delinquent period)
  • Additional services shall be maintained as-is with no adjustment or abolishment for at least 1 year upon new product launch. Any changes in service features (including reasons for change, details etc.) will be communicated 6 months in advance.
  • For more product details, refer to product brochure or Citi cards terms & conditions.
  • Local card is not subject to Master Card Titanium Service or Visa Platinum Service, ICC function, Citi Worldwide Privilege services.